Angel Number 1155 Meaning: All Your Expectations Will Be Attained [11:55]

Angel Number 1155 Meaning

If you see this you might wonder what does angel number 1155 meaning? Angel numbers can be used to convey important messages from the divine forces, they are there at the times when we are most in need of guidance. One of the numbers that receive important messages is angel number 1155.

If you see angel number 1155, you must know it is the right time for you to take new steps, to start new ventures, to work on new projects. This will result in a positive outcome and you’ll get your expectations met. Now, you need to prepare yourself for some positive changes happening in your life and you’ll finally find peace and happiness.

It is my goal in this article has been to cover all important aspects of angel number 1155 meaning. As a result of reading this article, you will be able to understand the meaning of this particular number and you will be able to understand why you are seeing it so often. I’ll explain it in more detail below.

What is Angel number 1155 meaning and significance?

Angel Number 1155 Meaning

There is no doubt that the presence of angels in our life is more prevalent than we realize. We may not be able to see them, but the reality is that we cannot ignore their presence.

There are many channels through which angels communicate, but the special number is one of the most common channels that they prefer to use. The number 1155 is one of the most popular ones.

People who have been influenced by the number 1155 are often very particular in many ways. Those who are under the influence can be identified by their clothes, their mannerisms, and their characteristics.

The typical appearance and behavior of these people are that they usually wear unique clothes, display a cold and detached appearance, and behavior. In some cases, even children who are under the influence of this number, seem rigid and closed-minded.

Even though those people seem unfriendly at first glance, but in reality, it isn’t true. There are many friends who don’t know what they’re doing when they are under the influence of this number, you will notice that they are the kind of friend who gives great advice and is also good at listening.

As well as being analytical, they pay a lot of attention to details and are pretty methodical. Due to these characteristics, they are very successful when it comes to making good decisions.

The angel number 1155 can be regarded as a combination of duplicated numbers one and five. As you know, the number 11 is usually regarded as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and that can help a person to accomplish a complete transformation of their spiritual life.

On the other hand, the number 55 is associated with sensuality, shyness, and even disorientation sometimes, and I think this is more true in practical life as well.

Based on all of this information, we can conclude that number 1155 is a sign of internal conflict and danger, and it can be dangerous for you. The danger that it brings is the strong desire to achieve high levels of success.

There is no escaping the fact that big dreams always require big expectations, and unfortunately, big expectations are often closely associated with great disappointments. If you think about the angel number 1155 meaning and significance, you should keep that in mind.

Number 1155 symbolism

It is common knowledge that there is a strong connection between the number 1155 symbolism and spiritual enlightenment. This number will be sent to you by the angels when they want you to take a step forward in your spiritual journey with their guidance.

This is just to let you know that there is a time of significant changes ahead, and no matter what path you choose, you’ll not be alone during that process.

It would seem that the angels are preparing you for a new stage in your life. The time has come, you will need to adapt to new situations and opportunities. The first step will not be easy, you will not be alone on your journey, and that is a factor that reduces the chances of failure.

Getting encouragement when you need it is one of the most helpful things in life. It is also helpful when you have someone who is willing to lift you up when you are down.

In terms of Number 1155, you have no reason to worry, because the changes are bringing great success and success to your professional and emotional lives as well. Whenever you are ready to step into a new chapter in your life; your angels are always there for you to develop new opportunities.

What does the number 1155 mean spiritually?

It seems that every angel number comes with its own special meanings and implications, it is very similar to angel number 1155. There is a possibility that you will see the 11:55 on your watch, on the television, or anywhere else.

If you find yourself encountering this number frequently, you may begin to wonder what 1155 means spiritual. You should take note that you usually see this number when you are going in the right direction.

It is true that people who follow their inner voices are able to do a lot of things that they may never achieve if they would listen to other people’s opinions. There is a number 1155 appearing as a reminder that you have all the power in your hand.

You are encouraged by your guardian angels to follow your intuition and begin new chapters as leadership roles. The Angels are telling you that you deserve to be a leader in your life. Being a supporter is not the right role for you. Trust in yourself just like your Guardian does.

This number has a direct relationship to the human need to flow with the wind. Life has its own way of flowing, and it is sometimes necessary to relinquish control and surrender to your true nature. You need to let things flow freely as they do. There are times when happiness can be found in acceptance of the situation.

Here are 5 reasons you keep seeing 1155

It is possible that there are even more reasons for you to see 1155, but these five are the most important ones.

The major change

You could see a significant change in your life. The angel guardians are urging you not to delay this event, as this could also provide an excellent opportunity for you to improve the quality of your life. You’ll experience emotional prosperity and abundance. You need not be worried about this change, every change frightens you at the beginning.

The creative project

There are going to be times when you will be in a leadership position related to a creative project. It is possible that this is not only related to your work, but also to your emotional life. You need to get in touch with the creative, adventurous spirit, and your freedom spirit which you have been hiding for a long time.

Guidance is on your way

If you see this number then you know how blessed you are because you know that your angels will guide you along your life path. The most important thing you can do in tough times is to do your best to stay calm and tuned in to hear what your angels have to say to you, all you need to do is open your mind and soul.

An end of the destructive relationship

You will find that this is yet another way that your angels will guide you in your life. By using this number, they will be able to send you a signal to instantly terminate a toxic relationship to which you are giving too much of yourself.

Please be patient

It is a lesson from angel number 1155 that is teaching you that some things are only important when done at the right time. When you wait for the perfect moment, you will be able to create a large impact on your life, and you will have a lot more fun. Patience is the key to success.

1155 angel number in love

Angel Number 1155 Meaning

There will be some changes in the area of love life certainly, the number 1155 is going to shake things up a bit. If you are in love, this number 1155 will bring a period of change.

There have been painful experiences and betrayals in the past, but in the future, everything is going to be different. There’s no better time than right now for you to let go of the past, and you can now begin a new emotional chapter of your life.

In order to make sure that you enjoy emotional stability, the divine forces are eager to help you. If you make up your mind to stop destructive behavior in relationships, then you will soon reach that state of mind and soul.

It is important that you keep in mind that you should not show your partner your anxiety and stress.

In order to be a loving partner, you should be able to share your feelings and problems, but don’t blame your partner for a bad workday or a row with your mother. Anyone does not accept those types of behaviors for a long period.

There is no problem with your partner being your therapist, but you should not use him/her as a wrecking ball. If you’re trying to radiate positivity into your new relationship, you need to get rid of negative energy.

1155 twin flame number

You will receive good news from angel number 1155 regarding your twin flame relationship!

There is an old expression that says whenever you look down at your watch and see 11:55, it tells you that you need to act immediately, that time is up, and that you must accomplish your goal.

As a reminder, it also serves to remind you that you will meet your twin flame in the near future.

Twin flames are like a mirror of yourselves, it is, in fact, a person who has the exact same personality as you. Twin flames usually appear once in a lifetime. Or, in the worst-case scenario, they never have the chance to meet it until the end of their lives.

It is true that a twin flame is sometimes also a loving partner of sorts, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes it could also be a friend. The purpose of your life will be changed when you meet your twin flame, your life will take on an altogether new, higher purpose.

You will have the opportunity to express your feelings and open your heart to ever-greater levels than you have before.

There is no doubt that it is not easy to meet your twin flame, but angel number 1155 will be there to help you. The 1155 twin flame is closely related to your destiny.

This number has been sent by your guardian angels to remind you that you are not alone and that they are on your side to help you meet your twin flame.

Angel number 1155 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, a spiritual teacher, has spoken about angel number 1155, she says that guardian angels are sending you enormous amounts of divine energy that will allow you to manifest your own spirit.

She’s a famous spiritualist who has communicated countless times with angels.

According to Doreen Virtue, angel number 1155 indicates that you have been chosen. As a result, You were chosen by the Universe to make marvels. Make full use of this energy to drive you forward and help you make great progress.

It is time for you to let’s turn the page and start a new chapter in our lives. If you walk through life without fear, and you will be rewarded for it.

It’s important to clearly understand what you want and have faith in yourself in order to achieve them. When you feel that your faith is being tested and you feel demoralized, remember that your guardian angels are there to help you.

As a result, You are being watched over and they will take care of you. You won’t face any danger as long as they remain by your side.

What does 1155 numerology meaning 

There lies a lot of power in the number 1155 according to numerology, this number of life has been sending you powerful messages since its origin. As you can see, this number is a combination of the numbers 11 and 55, as they both have powerful spiritual associations.

As you look at the screen, you see a double 1 and a double 5 and this should not be ignored at all.

It has already been mentioned that the number 11 in numerology is considered a master number. Through this number, you are receiving a message from your angels that the power of your inner voice is getting stronger by the minute. You should start listening more to your gut.

if you follow your intuition then you will be able to achieve your dreams. A combination of the number 55 and the master number 11 ​is a manifestation of an expectation of positive changes on your life path

It is believed that many numerologists link the angel number 1155 with the number 3 (1 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3). In numerology, number 3 is known as an abundance sign.

In fact, it can be a sign of an abundance of intuition that will serve you well on your journey to change. It could also be a sign that your psychic and/or spiritual abilities are growing stronger.


It is my hope that after reading this article, you will be able to better understand the angel number 1155 meaning. The topic I have covered in this article is the most common topic related to this special number.

Please feel free to write to me if you would like to know more, and I will be happy to find answers to your questions for you.

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